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Iris Pfeffer LISW-S

Matthew has been working in the field of mental health for twenty years. His area of specialization include ​substance abuse, personality disorders, sexual paraphiliac, depression/anxiety, and adjustment disorders. He is trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and is pursuing certification in Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy. He has a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University, Psychology Master of the Arts from Western Michigan University, and Philosophy Master of the Arts from Xavier University.

Paula Adolfson



Ellise Cool MSW, LSW

Angela has been a Licensed Social Worker since 1996, covering Ohio and Michigan (2014-2016). She has vast experience working to strengthen and empower individuals and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her approach to treatment combines an eclectic blend of different treatment modalities CBT, Solution Focused, Reality therapy, and Spirituality, as requested. She specializes in substance abuse, dual diagnosis, trauma/abuse, depression, anxiety, and grief. 


Iris is a licensed independent social worker who has over 40 years of experience. She has a focus on DBT with adolescents and adults. She provides therapy to a wide variety of diagnoses including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, issues of adjustments, and transition and mood disorders. She finds great satiation working with adults, adolescents, and couples.

Yvonne is the founder of A Ray of Hope. She is an ambitious registered nurse and a passionate life coach. Her counseling style is direct, conversational, compassionate, and full of hope.  Her mission is to provide the best quality care to her clients, so they can have the greatest quality of life. 

Angela Kaskocsak MS, LPC

Roslind Sistrunk MA, LPC, CDCA 

Karen Wocher is a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a Supervisory Endorsement From the state of Ohio. She received a bachelor of Psychology & Master of Social Work from University of Cincinnati. Obtained a Certified Forensic Counselor & Certified Domestic Violence Counselor Certificate. Has 20 years of experience working with individual adults, couples, adolescents in a wide variety of settings in private practice, mental health & substance abuse facilities. Psychiatric Mental Health Counseling experienced diagnostic clinician. Has mentored college students seeking licensures. Works also includes military family issues listed in military registry. Takes a cognitive Behavioral approach, reality therapy, client centered, solution focused, experiential extentialism, meditation, eclectic approaches. Specializes in: anxiety/panic attacks, stress, trauma, PTSD, depression, bereavement, relationships, parenting,  ageing parents, ADHD, anger, mood swings, substance abuse.

Dona is an Independently licensed social worker with supervisory designation (LISW-S).  She received her Bachelors of Social Work from NKU in 2000.  She graduated with a Master degree in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati in 2007. Over the last 17 years Dona’s experience includes case management, wrap around, integrated care (mental health/medical) and therapy services. Areas of focus include but are not limited to: trauma/abuse related issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, SPMI. She believes that in a wholistic approach to treatment and that we are all unique and celebrate diversity. She has an eclectic flexible style to meet the needs of people where they are at on their journey through life. Through the process of therapy she works to build the tools needed to get through that journey.     

Angela Ashby LSW

Angela is a Veteran of the army and has a Master's degree in Crime Analysis and a second Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She specializes in CBT and DBT. She is client centered focused and believes in empowering others to achieve their long-term goals.

Matthew Rupert LPCC-S, LICDS-CS



Nicole Woolery LISW

Yvonne Fernandez RN, BSN, MA

Nicole is a licensed independent social worker. Her specialities are young adults, children, and adolescents. She is passionate about assisting others in working through life's challenges and getting them to a place of positivity and hope.

Ellise graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master's degree in Social Work, specializing in mental health. She enjoys working with trauma treatment and psychopharmacology. Her undergraduate work was with the Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center and graduate school work was with Gatewat Recovery. She enjoys working with children and adults, diagnosing mental heath and substance use problems. She also enjoys family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy. Her experience in TFCBT, DBT, and CBT treatment modalities. She has treated adults and children/adolescents suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief/loss, substance use, and ​adjustment disorders. 

Anttarch has been the field of Social Work?Counseling for 27 years. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Cumberland College as well as a Master's degree in Education from The College of Mount Saint Joseph and a Master's degree in Counseling from Xavier University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Social Worker, as well as a Substance Abuse Professional. He trained in DBT, REBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing in his counseling sessions. He works with male and female clients ages 15 and up. He can also counsel couples. He performs out ordered alchohol, drug, and anger assessments. Ge enjoys the opportunity to work with people and has experience working with people with diverse backgrounds dealing with depression, anxiety, mental health issues, and other life stressors. 

Stephanie Siegrist NP

Relationships are an essential part of our lives. I have a passion for helping others improve their lives and relationships. It is my understanding that relationships are built on three components: mutual trust, empathy, and love. Once achieved, the relationship bond will grow deeper and richer each time there is a positive connection. If any one of these components is impaired, the foundation of the relationship will be negatively impacted. There is reparative hope in counseling. I offer individual, couple, family, and premarital counseling. I take a holistic approach when working with clients using systemic therapy, attachment theory, and spirituality when requested. I am here to support you as you begin your journey to improve the quality of your life and relationships.

Paula is our office manager. She handles the financial and business aspects of our organization.  She is also a friendly face you will see in our Loveland office, and a cheerful voice you hear when you contact A Ray of Hope.

Anttarch Brandy LPC

Dona Bailey (LISW-S)